InJoy Music Website Contest: Day 5

Welcome back to our web contest.  We hope it is helping you see how much information and helpful tools are available on the new site.   Yesterday, we asked you to tell us about the scheduling and contact options available on the website.   With the new site, you can: Schedule to Visit a Free Preview, Schedule a Makeup Class, Register Online, Scholarship Requests, and make Withdrawal/Transfer Requests.  Congratulations, Nikki Winkler!   Not only do you know that you can schedule many things online, but you’ve won a Best of Kindermusik CD.

Some of our current Kindermusik families have been with InJoy Music from the very beginning.  Wonder how old those kids are now?  Today’s question will help you figure it out!   Are you one of those families?  If so, say hello in the comments.

Question 5:  When was InJoy Music founded?

Contest Information

To celebrate the launch of the new online home of InJoy Music, we’re kicking off a week of online contests to help you discover all the things the website has to offer.

From July 22nd through July 29th, check the blog for the question of the day. Find the answer on our website and email your answer to Heather Mayfield, Communications Coordinator. All correct answers will be entered into a daily drawing for Kindermusik prizes.

Enter each day with the correct answer and be entered into a special drawing for a very special grand prize.

Contest Rules: Entries must be received by 11:59pm each day to be included in the daily contest. Winner chosen each day from random drawing of all correct entries. Any person who submits correct answers every day of the contest by the deadline will be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the contest period. Winners will be announced on the InJoy Music blog.

One thought on “InJoy Music Website Contest: Day 5

  1. We haven’t been with InJoy since the beginning (no kids until 2009), but we plan to celebrate InJoy’s 10th anniversary with Miss Amy next year! 🙂

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