The Themes They Are a-Changin’

While we won’t be singing any Bob Dylan songs, you and your child will be singing new songs, learning new rhymes and dances, and taking home new home materials at your next Kindermusik class.  It’s theme change time!  One of the many benefits to Kindermusik is that the curriculum changes allowing your child to experience new songs and ideas in a familiar setting. These changing themes have been created so that your child can attend Kindermusik from birth through age 7 and NEVER repeat a theme.  This semester, the classrooms at InJoy Music will be full of the sounds of flying pigs, peek-a-boo songs, barking dogs, braying donkeys, the up and down of escalators and elevators, tolling bells, and young musicians learning to play new instruments.

Can’t wait for your next class to check out the new themes? Here’s a sneak peek just for you! Click on the song titles listed to hear a preview.  

Kindermusik Village
Hickory,Dickory, Tickle and Bounce: Join a friendly mouse on his journey up, down, over, under, and through a clock.  You’ll sing familiar nursery rhymes (and learn why nursery rhymes are so important to your child’s development) and learn a few new songs, too.   We know that The Duke of York and  Morning Song will soon be favorites at your house.

The Rhythm of My Day: Babies thrive on routines.  Routines make the world predictable and help babies begin to learn the concept of time. Your educator will share songs that help move your day forward and will help your baby discover the rhythms all around. Check out the steady beat of With My Baby On My Knee and the syncopated rhythm of Four White Horses.

Our Time 
Well, Fiddle-Dee-Dee and bless my soul! With flies marrying bumblebees, a spunky little dog named Rover, a donkey that can carry a tune, these animals and others will introduce your toddler to a variety of musical styles and instruments.  Using engaging songs about familiar animals, children will explore concepts of high/low, fast/slow and more.  Don’t be surprised when your toddler requests Walk Along, Rover and wants to do the Roly Poly finger play several times a day.

Imagine That!
Kansas City has a reputation for great jazz and Cities will give your child an appreciation for jazz music as they explore the many sights and sounds of a city.  Explore the many jobs that keep a city running– bakers, letter carriers, bus drivers, street sweepers, and a clever photographer with a jazzy name– Razupazu Toto.  Hang out in the park with a boy named Eddie and his dog, Bandit.  You’ll even find musical fun in a traffic jam.  At your next visit to the mall, you’ll be humming Elevator and Escalator and enjoy traveling Round and Round town with your favorite preschooler.

The theme change is a great time to introduce the weekly Kindermusik routine to a friend.  Invite a friend to join you in class! Share the link for a FREE PREVIEW and come together.


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