Getting to Know Your Kindermusik Educators: Miss Miranda

Meet Miss Miranda

Miss Miranda is a licensed Kindermusik educator who joined InJoy Music in 2009.  She attended Kansas State University where earned a degree in Business Administration with a minor in music.  Miss Miranda is the third educator to be featured in our Getting To Know Your Kindermusik Educators in 10 Questions feature.  Visit us again tomorrow to meet another InJoy Music educator.

1. Where were you born? 
I was born at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. At the time, my family lived in Lenexa, but we moved to Beloit, Kansas when I was three years old.

2. Do you have siblings? 
I am the youngest of four….I have two brothers and one sister. There are five years between me and my closest-in-age sibling. I am told that my parents had gotten rid of all of the baby stuff, and then….surprise! Here I came! 🙂

3. What was your favorite toy as a child? 
My baby doll, “Cindy Kay,” was a very important part of my little life. I played with her so much (and completely wore her out) that one Christmas I recieved “Cindy Kay 2”. I still have both dolls.

4. Do you have children? 
My husband, Dave, and I have two boys. Josh is 4 1/2 years old (as he will proudly tell you), and Isaiah is 15 months old.

5. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I remember three ideas I had: 1) a harpist, 2) a nurse, or 3) a teacher. It’s cool that my seven-year-old self got one out of three right!

6. Summer or winter?
I’ve always liked winter. I love fall and winter clothes, and the wonderful outdoor smell of fireplaces burning in the cold air.

7. Would you bungee jump?
Nope – not even if my life depended on it. As I’ve gotten older, I enjoy heights less and less. I don’t even like ferris wheels! I’m a bit of a wuss.

8. What’s the next planned event that you are looking forward to in your life? 
Dave and I are going to try and get to Mexico for a long weekend next spring or summer. We’ve been there three times together so far, and I’ve been excited to go back ever since we got home from our last trip!

9. What’s the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you’ve ever owned? Do you still own it? Still listen?
Since our shelves are packed with kids’ music, the worst one in recent memory is a Shakira baby CD. Imagine “Hips Don’t Lie” in elevator music format. Worst. CD. Ever.

10. What is your favorite thing about Kindermusik? 
My favorite thing about Kindermusik is the community it creates around the love of music. What a happy place to be!

Miss Miranda can’t wait to see you in class next week. Haven’t signed up for a class yet?  There is still time!  Visit our website to view the schedule and enroll TODAY!

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