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InJoy Music is truly thankful for each and every one of the children and families that attend Kindermusik classes and piano lessons each week.  Recently on Facebook, we asked you to share something about Kindermuisk that makes you thankful.   Many of you mentioned that you appreciate the one-on-one time that a weekly Kindermusik class provides.  You mentioned a chance for your child to experience music and all the learning opportunities that come from music.  We are thankful that Kindermusik has a special place in your family and your weekly routine.

Here is a sample of what other Kindermusik families had to say…

“I am thankful for the uninterrupted one-on-one time that it gives me with my child! Sometimes it is hard to carve out time to just play and have fun, but that’s exactly what KM is! I think i look forward to it just as much as he does! And, I love that to this day my 9 year old still remembers and recites his KM songs from when he was 18 months old!!”

” I am thankful that my three-year-old can “teach” my one-year-old music from when she was a “little girl”.”

“I’ve said it before, but I really value the connection to families who also value early music education. Kindermusik parents are a “type”. I’m proud to be one and always happy to meet more! Nerd out!”

“I’m thankful for our good night song. We still sing “Mama Mama Told Me O” every night!”

“To be selfish, I am thankful for the new friends we have met through Kindermusik. I am thankful that my daughter has grown so much since being enrolled in Kindermusik and the friendships she has developed. I love that Kindermusik is not only the intro to music education, but it touches on so many areas of our children’s development. A great precursor to school!” (Note: We don’t think it’s selfish at all! Creating a community of families is one of our favorite parts of InJoy Music, too!)

” I am thankful for Kindermusik because my children have learned to appreciate many difference aspects of music that otherwise they wouldn’t be exposed to on a weekly basis. I appreciate the quality time with my children, the energy all the other children bring to the classes, and the dynamic leaders who truly care about the children.”

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