Kindermusik Level 5


  • Ages 5-7
  • 60 minutes, once a week
  • A parent or caregiver attends the last 15 minutes of each class
  • Unlimited makeup classes while you’re enrolled


“I’d love for my child to play an instrument – maybe piano, violin, or guitar. But is now the right time?”


In Level 5, your budding musician will develop crucial skills in singing and vocal development, focused listening, playing instruments, and reading and composing music. Creative movement or dances are combined with music fundamentals for the perfect pressure-free preparation for piano, violin, or voice classes.

Our first year of Level 5 introduces the glockenspiel, a pre-keyboard instrument. In Year 2, we learn the two-string dulcimer, a stringed instrument, and the recorder, a wind instrument. At the end of our two-year program, you’ll be fully equipped to decide which direction to take next in your musical journey – and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Through a variety of interactive, fun, and engaging activities, students explore many facets of the musical experience, including speaking, singing, moving, dancing, listening, creating and playing instruments as well as learning basic musical notation.

Price is per child, per month and includes tuition and materials.

Due to the progressive nature of this curriculum, we do not accept new enrollments after October 1.
Satisfactory completion of Year 1 is a prerequisite of Year 2.

Location Key:
LUMC=Lenexa United Methodist Church
SAEC = St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

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Year 1 classes, starting September 8, 2018:

Year 2 classes, starting September 8, 2018:

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