Keys 4/4 Kids

“Mom, I want to take piano lessons!” Wonderful! We have just the place for your child to begin his/her piano journey. We have excellent teachers and a great curriculum. All you need is a piano. Oh. You need a piano. The prospect of purchasing a piano can be daunting and sometimes cost prohibitive.

Recently, Miss Amy learned about a nonprofit called Keys 4/4 Kids. The executive director, Newell Hill, contacted her to let her know about their program. If you are in the market for a piano, you might want to check them out. They also restore and sell donated pianos.

According to Newll, “Keys 4/4 Kids is a charity that accepts, restores and sells donated pianos for charity. We have a warehouse location in the West Bottoms and are based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Profits from piano sales support four local programs related to our mission to inspire young people to believe in themselves through the arts and mentorship.”

They have over one-hundred pianos in our West Bottoms warehouse, and most pianos cost under $1,000. They provide one-year warranties with our pianos and also provide moving services. They are open every Saturday from 10-4PM. The address is: 1308 W 11th St, Kansas City MO. You can learn more  at:

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