Getting to Know Your Kindermusik Educators

Remember those “getting to know you” activities you did in school to get to know your new teacher and classmates?  The grid with random statements where you had 1 minute to fill in each blank with a name (“Find someone who went to the beach this summer”, “This person has a brother”, etc.) or the questionnaire you filled out anonymously and then the class tried to guess your identity…  With the start of a new Kindermusik year only days away, it’s time for Getting to Know Your Kindermusik Educators in 10 Questions .  Each day, visit the blog to read one of our educator’s answers to the questions below.

1.   Where were you born?
2.   Do you have siblings?
3.   What was your favorite toy as a child?
4.   Do you have children?
5.   When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
6.   Sumer or winter?
7.   Would you bungee jump?
8.   What’s the next planned event you’re looking forward to in your life?
9.   What’s the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you’ve ever owned?  Do you still own it?  Still listen?
10. What is your favorite thing about Kindermusik?

We know you’ll like learning more about each educator at InJoy Music and it will make you even more excited for classes to start.   Haven’t signed up for a class yet?  There is still time!  Visit our website to view the schedule and enroll TODAY!

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