Getting to Know Your Kindermusik Educators: Miss Megan

Meet Miss Megan

Miss Megan has been a Kindermusik parent since her oldest daughter was 12-weeks old.  Realizing the value of Kindermusik in her daughters’ lives, Miss Megan became a licensed Kindermusik Educator and has been teaching for InJoy Music since 2010.  Megan is the fourth educator to be featured in our Getting To Know Your Kindermusik Educators in 10 Questions feature. Visit tomorrow and Monday to meet our remaining two educators.

1. Where were you born? 

Mexico… Gotcha! That is Mexico, Missouri

2. Do you have siblings? 
Yes, one older brother, Jared.

3. What was your favorite toy as a child? 
Hollie Hobby ragdoll. Or as I called it “hobby hobby!”

4. Do you have children?
3 little girls; Ryann (7), Reese (5) and Reagan (3)

5. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
an eye doctor

6. Sumer or winter?
Tough to choose. Love to ski (winter) but you can’t beat the beach (summer)

7. Would you bungee jump?
Nope- never!

8. What’s the next planned event you’re looking forward to in your life?
We are planning on our first family trip to Disney in June. I am not sure who is more excited; the girls or me?

9. What’s the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you’ve ever owned?  Do you still own it?  Still listen?
Weird Al Yankovich- Dare to be Stupid. I blame this on my brother. He and I used to listen to Like a Surgeon and Girls Just Want to Have Lunch on repeat. I would make up dances to go along with the songs. We thought it was hilarious. I can say my taste has evolved and I no longer listen to Weird Al (thankfully).

10. What is your favorite thing about Kindermusik?
My favorite thing about Kindermusik is hearing the kids sing. There is a moment when they start to feel comfortable in the class and will start singing on their own. I love that!!!!

Miss Megan can’t wait to see you in class next week. Haven’t signed up for a class yet?  There is still time!  Visit our website to view the schedule and enroll TODAY!

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