Cards for Clara

A week ago, we shared the story of the Peters family.  Clara, who is in kindergarten, was diagnosed with a bone marrow disease and is in the process of treatment at Children’s Mercy Hospital.  This treatment includes chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant (from one of her sisters).  Due to her compromised immune system, Clara will remain in the hospital for quite awhile.

You can watch the story that aired on NBC here:  It won’t take very long for you to realize what an amazing family they are!  To receive frequent updates, you can “like” Clara’s Crew on Facebook.

This Friday is Clara’s birthday.  We want to encourage all of our InJoy families to send a card (have your child help make a card or choose a special card together).  If you need some design inspiration, Clara loves rainbows.  We know she will be thrilled to know people are thinking of her.

In the coming days and weeks, consider sending another card. Children always enjoy getting mail and when they are in the hospital, it’s extra special.  You can mail cards directly to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Clara Peters
2401 Gillham Road
4 Henson Room 23
KC, MO 64108

Thanks for helping out a member of our InJoy Music community!

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