Follow Us to a NEW Kindermusik Experience

Look what’s coming September 9th

  • A new class just for babies (newborns and 1s) called Cuddle & Bounce.
  • Two class options for toddlers, Sing & Play (1s and 2s) and Wiggle & Grow (2s and 3s).
  • New fun and musical development for preschoolers (3s and 4s) in Laugh & Learn.
  • An awesome class for big kids (4s and 5s) in Move & Groove.
  • New digital home materials to keep the fun and learning at your fingertips ANYWHERE you go.

More music, more learning, more fun. With every new 4-lesson theme, you’ll receive a full downloadable album of your favourite Kindermusik songs, an interactive e-Book, and delightfully engaging learning activities including crafts, recipes, video field trips, games, and more. And with each activity, you’ll learn how and why that activity enhances your child’s learning, development, and love of music.

Easy and convenient too!  With our new ongoing enrollment, you stay enrolled until you tell us you need to take a break.  The new curricula also offers the flexibility of moving your child up to the next class level at any time – when they (or you!) are most ready.

All that you love and so much you’ll come to love… the favorite, the familiar, and the new come together to take your Kindermusik experience at InJoy Music  to a whole new level. If you’ve never been before, you’re in for a real treat!