Sensory Friendly Concert

Music is for everyone, but sometimes all the different noises, the chairs that open and close/open and close, the dress up clothing that is scratchy and feels different… it can be too much for children who have sensory sensitivity. Sensory processing issues are common in children with Autism and other developmental disorders. April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month and to celebrate, there will be a special concert tailored to children with sensory issues.  What a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a live music experience.

Sigma Alpha Iota (a women’s music fraternity) and Kansas City Metro Music Therapists are joining together to provide a high-quality music program for folks that might not be able to enjoy typical concert venues, including those on the autism spectrum. The Sensory Friendly Concert movement embraces neuro-diversity in that we welcome any non-harmful responses to music (hand-flapping allowed!) and provide accommodations for those who have varying sensory needs.